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Bullseye Lasertag: Introducing Our Player of the Month

7/17/2017 12:00:00 AM (3 years ago)

Q. What level are you?
I am rank 7.

Q. When did you start playing at Bullseye Virtual Combat?  
I started playing at bullseye virtual combat when it moved to Schaefer farms

Q. How did you choose your gamer tag?

I chose my gamer tag as somthing i would like to be called and it was different from all the others

Q. Have you ever tried the hand gun?
No i have never tried the handgun but i would love to try sometime but i put it off because it takes much skill to use it and to be good with it

Q. Any tips for new players?

The tips i have for new playersis never give up and observe what other experienced players are doing. Also ask for advice if you dont know what to do and most importantly work as a team

Q. What was your favorite moment playing at Bullseye?

My favorite moment playing at bullseye was in October we were playing at night with no co2 so you could not hear anyone shoot or see them and it was a one shot kill game and you had to be sneaky. It was so much fun

Q. What would you tell someone who was thinking about coming to play?

If you are thinking about coming to play... do it. It is not like other lazer tag its a lot more fun. Its also so easy to get the hang of

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