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iCombat Madison: Elite Membership Has Arrived - Check Out All The Benefits Now!

1/12/2018 12:00:00 AM (8 months ago)

What is an Elite Membership?

iCOMBAT Elite Membership gains you exclusive access to member only discounts and benefits. For only $10 a month you will get all the amazing perks of being an Elite Member. In order to sign up for an Elite Membership, simply select Elite Membership when booking a session through Barracks.

Benefits of an Elite Membership:

+$20 unlimited public sessions

·         The Elite Membership starts as soon as you register, that means you can register and book a session all at once for only $30! It essentially pays for itself.

+15% bonus experience added every time you play

·         Elite Membership will also help improve your overall ranking, you get 15% bonus experience added to your final ranking on Barracks every time you play a session.

+Member Only Days

·         Exclusive days for only Elite Members, such as beta testing or MVP sessions.

+Exclusive discount days

·         During our winter break hours on January 16th and 17th, play for only $15 if you have an Elite Membership.

·         Discounts on tournaments, play for only $20 in our Carnaval Tournament of Champions on February 25th!

+More to come!!

How to sign up for an Elite Membership?

Signing up for an Elite Membership is easy! Follow the steps below to sign up for an Elite Membership.

  1. Create/ log in to your Barracks account


  1. Click reserve now and start booking your chosen session
  2. When prompted choose Elite Membership
  3. Complete payment for Elite Membership
  4. Book your session for only $20
  5. Enjoy the benefits of an Elite Membership!

*The Elite Membership is a recurring $10 monthly fee. You must also enter your username upon booking a session to receive the Elite Member discount.


Become a part of the Elite and start enjoying your benefits now!