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iCombat Madison: September 2017 Player of the Month

9/6/2017 12:00:00 AM (1 year ago) Flodontblindfire

At iCOMBAT Madison, we’re proud to recognize our most loyal and skilled players on our field. We’d like to introduce the Madison player of the month for September:




Rank: 76 - Colonel Service Star 31

Achievements: 2360/4090

Kills: 17,938

Headshots: 21,475

Win Percentile: 56%


Q:How did you choose your username?

A: My original name was Florence (after my dog).  But after being accused of blind firing (which I wasn’t), I thought it would be funny to change it to Flodontblindfire (“Flo” for short). I just never changed it back.

Q:What advice would you give to a new player?

A: If you want to win missions – focus on the objectives. Not all missions are about kills. Everyone should try to capture a tube in Recon, Whack-a-Mole & Domination; everyone should try to grab an ammo box in Supply Grab; everyone should try to kill the juggernaut; and everyone should try to ring the bell in HeIIs Bells. If everyone tries, the chances of your team winning improves.

Q:What was your favorite moment at iCOMBAT?

A: My favorite thing about iCOMBAT is when a team really gels – when the team is on board with a strategy for a mission and follows through, everyone does well. That’s when it’s really fun to play here. But I really hate it when Liveforthemoment tries to get in my base. Grrr.  :-)

Being a player of the month takes commitment and laser-sharp focus to rise to the top. We thank you for choosing our iCOMBAT Madison location and look forward to you seeing you on the battlefield!