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ELITE 6 OPS: October 2017 Player of the Month

10/8/2017 12:00:00 AM (1 year ago)

Michael aka DeathStrok3

Q. What level are you?

A. Level 25


Q.  When did you start playing at Elite6ops?

A. June 2017


Q. How did you choose your gamer tag?

A. I started playing with my 21 year old and he picked the tag GreenArrow so obviously I had to choose Deathstrok3 who is GreenArrow's nemesis.


Q. Have you ever tried the shock belt? If so, how was it?

A. While giving the shock by shooting another sounds fun, more so than receiving, I opted out because the only have one shock belt at E6O.


Q. Any tips for new players?

A. Shoot a lot. No such thing as too much. Many experienced players have accuracy under 10%, even under 5%.


Q. Have any favorite moments playing at E6O that you would like to share?

A. The best thing for me, was when Christine emailed me the scoring information. I had no idea that headshots were worth 3X body shots as far as points go. Also, all of the big points come from kill streaks. 3rd kill plus 30% to total so getting a big score requires 10-15-20 plus kill streaks. Understanding the points really improved the experience.