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ELITE 6 OPS: November 2017 Player of the Month

11/12/2017 12:00:00 AM (11 months ago)
Taylore aka Unicornicus 

Q. What level are you?

A. Level 34

Q.  When did you start playing at Elite6ops?

A. October  2016

Q. How did you choose your gamer tag?

A. I was in my self-defense class in high school and a friend of mine decided to come up with weird names for each other, she was SexyNinjaBeast YoManGetOffOfMe and I was Unicornicus Sparticus so I decided to use it.

Q. Have you ever tried the shock belt? If so, how was it?

A. I have never tried the Shockbelt, but I have the achievement because I'm a magical Unicorn.

Q. Any tips for new players?

A. Don't be afraid to waste your ammo in certain games. You will definitely succeed in kills. And make sure you're having some fun! Also make sure you really team up, and as funny as it sounds, use your senses: look for shadows, listen for footsteps it really helps.

Q. Have any favorite moments playing at E6O that you would like to share?

A. Every time my whole family would play together was always the best, it is so awesome to have such a great bonding experience and having fun with my parents and brothers. As well at meeting some of the staff for the first time and became family.