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iCombat Madison: Mission Strategy: UBL

3/15/2017 12:00:00 AM (1 year ago)

At iCOMBAT Madison, every part of your experience on our tactical laser tag fields mimics a real-life battle. From our heavy-duty equipment to our more than 25 tactical missions, you’re completely immersed in a new, adrenaline-packed world. That’s what keeps so many players coming back for more.

One of our unique laser tag missions, UBL or Osama Bin Laden, is exclusively played at our iCOMBAT Waukesha location and it’s no surprise that this action-packed mission is a fan favorite. In this mission, you play as one of two sides: Patriots or the Terrorists.

Patriots: Osama Bin Laden (UBL) must be found and eliminated. Your objective is to find and drag Bin Laden to the embassy within the mission’s 8 minute duration.

Terrorists: Defend your team and UBL until the mission ends.

In this laser tag mission, all players are allotted two lives and unlimited respawn, and you’re going to need them. Shots will fly as Patriots attempt to push forward and find their opening for eliminating UBL in his hide-out. And if the Terrorists hope to win they’ll have to never let up on the heat as the Patriots attempt to push forward.

Before the mission counts down, Terrorists must decide who the main UBL protector will be. What will your strategy be for keeping the Patriots back and UBL safe? Patriots, how do you plan to retrieve UBL from his hide-out in the town’s mansion? You’ll need to be relentless. Work together to communicate a strategy; this is a mission you can’t achieve alone.

Keep in mind, the UBL prop is no small token or plastic box you can grab and run with. Like everything in an iCOMBAT laser tag games, this prop is heavy-duty and incredibly life-like. Patriots won’t want to underestimate what it will take to retrieve and carry UBL to the embassy, you may need a teammate to help. No matter which side you play on during our UBL mission, you’ll have to work together, problem-solve and get moving if you want to bring home the victory.

Can you save or defeat UBL with your team? Visit our friends over at iCOMBAT Waukesha to find out.